Watch Your Money Plant Grow

Have you seen your money growing in Versa yet? You might have already onboarded to Versa and started using Versa. Hence, you should see your money growing. But if you have not onboarded with us yet, it’s never too late to join us! Please refer to our article “How to Onboard, Deposit and Withdraw” to learn more and get started with us.

Once you onboard with us, you will notice that a man is watering the plant on the home page. Many of you might wonder what this means. So, let us guide you through what this means and also learn more about our inspiration behind the nurseryman that is shown on your home page.


Watch your money plant grow

If you notice once you deposit money into your Versa account, you will start seeing a bar with a coin icon on the left side of your screen. This is called the payout bar. It indicates that when the coin reaches the top, you will receive your payout; the cycle will repeat after you receive your payout. This whole cycle will last for 2 weeks as payout happens every 2 weeks.

Now, let’s imagine that your money is the plant on the home page and you might wonder why the man is watering the plant? This is because, in Versa, we want to help you grow your savings. This indicates that your savings are being well taken care of and it is in the early stages of growth.

You might ask the question of whether your money will grow just like plants? And the answer is Yes! The same goes for your money in Versa! We ensure that your money is being grown healthily with us just like the plant on your home page. As the coin on the payout bar rises overtime on the home page, you will start to see your plant grow bigger, just like your money. This means that your money is in the next stage of growth.


So, what is the next stage? Fruits! It will start to bear fruits from the plant. In our case, your plant starts to bear fruits, which are in the form of coins. You will see shiny golden coins growing from your plant. At this stage, isn’t it exciting to see your plant bear fruits so quickly?

Here comes the most interesting part of this journey which is the harvesting season! Once the fruits are ripe, it is ready for harvest. Just like your money in Versa. Once the coin on the payout bar is nearing the top of the bar, and your plant is full of shiny golden coins. You will see the man collecting coins and placing them into a basket.

Payout in progress | Payout completed

Then, we move on to the last step. During payout in progress, you might notice a small drop in your available balance. This is because the portion of your money is taken out of the fund for return payments to you. However, rest assured this is just due to the lead time it takes to reinvest your new units. Your new available balance should be reflected together with the reinvestment within 2 business days! Then, your payout is completed!

In Versa, we want you to be as flexible as possible with your money. For example, if you want to withdraw your money during your payout in progress. No worries! When you make a withdrawal, you will still be able to withdraw from your available balance and also be entitled to the daily interest for the period when your money is kept in the fund until your withdrawal.

Which steps are you currently in? If you are not onboarded with us yet, what are you waiting for? Get on board with us now to start saving and become more financially healthy and resilient!